Character Rating for the end game!

Hi! It’s Pentheon of the Alliance Blacklist!

Im writing a little helpful rating in a sense of which character in each class is the most useful and in my opinion should be focused on to help you push the harder difficulty raids in particular.

This is going to be divided by each role and I’ll try to give a hit if a summary at the bottom for the overall best characters I think…

Each class will go in order of most powerful to least

Starting with tanks!

He’s the best tank for the extreme raid due to his Leader ability once it’s at level 6 it gives you the ability to dodge the damage from coal explosion, which means you can just focus the boss and attack them for the full 10 minute counter instead of dying by the 3 minute mark.

I think for overall content he’s the second best tank
His 5* skill has a mini taunt in it which is great when your dps is too high for your tanks to normally hold aggro
He also does the best DPs out of all the tanks and self heals

Healers adjust.
Currently the best for DD once you max him out he has at least 3 different stuns plus great damage reduction but he doesn’t hit his stride until 4 and 5* with his extra skills

Great to use for most of the game. Comes with a stun and good defense + some auras
Once you max him out he is a alot stronger as well getting better damage and an aoe to his stun

Lily’s great for the beginning of the game with her self heal and shields. Has a handy defense aura. But near the end game she doesn’t keep up well compared to the other tanks. She’s a must have to beat the t5 tank challenge early though

Hands down everyone’s least favorite tank. Just not as useful at anything the other tanks can do


Hands down the best healer for the end game. Strongest healing power with her mad HoTs. But her best skill is her healing aura which at LVL 6 becomes a cdr aura at LVL 6 boosting everyone’s damage.

His 5* skill is a res which makes him one of the most useful healers for all content in the game at fully upgraded he has 2 healing assistants and provides shields on top of that so he’s no joke.

Has some very good aoe heals. But her best feature is the atk boost to her squad which is no joke once maxed out.

Her leaderskill is an aoe res so it’s very helpful to make sure you 3* every stage until you get roe3 to 5*.
She also comes with an auto res skill at 5*

Pink lady.
Pink lady has some very helpful aoe heals and shields. But she just doesn’t keep up quite as well with the other healers I found.

Druid Jenkins.
He has cleanse and some good healing. But the totems can result in aggroing the wrong enemies or the totems stealing potential heals that your chars need. He also just can’t quite keep up with the the top healers in utility


Willows up there in the highest DPs chars her leaderskill is massive damage on boss’ since each bullet hits with increased damage. She also has a self atk boost and a execute at the highest levels

Definitely one of the most useful rangers with a pet leaderskill and a couple bleed skills. He gets insane crits and even more bleed at the max levels. Bleed scales massively as well in the game so his DPs only gets higher the further into the game you go.

Spicy meatball.
Spicy meatballs abilities a little different from the other rangers he hits with burns and some slows. His leaderskill applies all sorts of debuffs on the target and increases the damage they take. His DPs is good but not as good as willow or sterling.

Lonewolfs really good for the early and middle game so he’s good to use. His 5th skill hurricane shot hits hard though so it’s not a waste to keep him powered up with your team.

Garbage deeps.
Has really good aoe for clearing mobs making her good for the early and mid game. Her final skill hits hard but it doesn’t fire off if an enemy is in melee range of her so it makes it a wasted cast that does nothing.

The only other ranger with summons. Once he’s maxed out his pets hit hard and he’s got good utility. But hes better for dungeon runs and not raid boss’ where his DPs doesn’t scale as well.


Highest DPs of the mages his leaderskill melts boss’ hitting the same target with each bolt this skill scales massively at high levels. His other skills also hit hard and almost all are aoe skills

Second highest for sure maxed out her Leaderskill hits massively. But also leaves burning circles on the ground which also deal DoT making it hit again after the cast. Also applys burn and def down with her other skills. But her best skill is her 5* aura which increases damage and cast speed at the highest levels this a huge increase in your dps.

Jainas DPs Is no joke but her her shining qualities are all the freeze skills to help cc dungeons and the DD but also at max level her skills also give vulnerability which increases the damage a boss takes from all attacks.

King of Games
More of a summoner mage. His dragons and bulls hit hard he also has a trap that increases the damage taken by enemies. Hes great for early and mid game but he doesn’t quite keep up the with monsters above.

Friendly dude5
Honestly the best thing about friendly dude is his aura at 5* it’s similar to toolsheds but his usefulness is that you can plug him in as a support role in a big boss fight and just let him boost the damage around him. Otherwise his summons just don’t scale with him for DPs so he’s become more of a side support mage at the end game

Feels like sailorgoon is more suitable for PvP content rather than dungeons and bosses her damage doesn’t scale as well but her abilities include a aoe cleanse and self healing.

Medium DPS

Her spot in the top to me is almost exclusively because she has the only melee attack increase aura the amount of DPs her aura can bring your team is worth investing in her. On top of the fact that her DPs isn’t terrible

Another char that maxed out has the ability to freeze enemies but he also comes with a healing aura and his DPs is nothing to be ignored making him the most useful medium DPs char.

He has the ability to stagger and paralyze enemies but his real benefit is his damaging aura at 5* it gives a good DPs boost on boss’ he can stand next to and makes clearing dungeon runs with lots of little mobs a breeze

His leaderskill hits hard. But can be tedious to use because of squad movement ai. But his other skills make him useful with a cdr and maxed out he has a silence attack and a stun attack that always Crits.

One of the few chars with execute skills and bleed his DPs can be pretty big once you invest in him since both of those scale based on the enemy your fighting which is great on boss’

She’s good for dungeon runs with her knockback skill and roots but she doesn’t scale well for the endgame content

Red dragon.
Compared to the other mediums he just doesn’t keep up in DPs or utility so he’s at the bottom for my ratings

Light DPS.

His axe throw at LVL 6 has a bleed effect which is also on a short cd. With the right supports he has the highest DPs in the game so well worth the investment.

He’s great for the entire game early to end. Maxed out he also has an execute 2 stuns and hits hard so hes definitely a worthwhile investment.

Once maxed akatsuki can vanish an entire squad increasing their Crit damage and it mitigates damage making her useful. She also has an execute skill which is massive for finishing boss’

Muscle wizard.
He can provide an atk boost to an entire squad and has a self heal so he has some utility. His leaderskill is also useful for grouping up enemies to make them easier to kill

He’s ok for dungeon runs with a stun and pull move and self heal but his DPs can’t keep up with the others

With all his ninja like skills he often jumps into an aoe attack or pulls entire rooms to come attack your squad making him one of the most frustrating chars to use. His kit can hit for some good Crits but I find he just isn’t as useful and other chars are better off being invested him before him.


At the end game once you have your squad at a suitable place i can’t stress how strong the auras become. They can make a huge difference in your ability to damage the final boss

Chars such as windsummers. Staniscool, pikapika, toolshed, are huge but in the end feel free to play the game anyway you want! This is just how I feel the characters stand up to eachother