Characters review: healers

The part with healers. Actual for the game version from 26.01.2021


LA: weak leader ability. You shouldn’t put her as a leader, because cleanse and debuff is not what you want from your ult. Even with auto-resurrection on 6* it doesn’t become much better.

2nd skill: kind of imba skill. Increases damage of the entire squad twice on 5*. Instead of other atk up auras, this one doesn’t require you to group your team in one point to get bonus. Must be upgraded first

3rd skill: increases max HP. Second (after increase atk up) strongest passive skill in the game, helps you to survive, lvl up it!

4th skill: small heal, should not be upgraded much because of the small additional amount of heal per upgrade

5th skill: AoE heal with large heal. Heals also other squads if they are near, should be upgraded after 2nd skill

Overall: Pretty good healer on all stages. You will use her everywhere because of her ability to increase dmg twice for all your squad and good AoE heal. I mark her as A tier.


LA: that is the only thing why you should use her. Resurrects everyone in small AoE, which grants you ability to complete stages/bosses on 3*. Must use in early-mid game, if struggling with finishing something on 3 stars.

2nd skill: very small heal. Though its AoE, usually she will run far away from everyone and no-one will get it. Useless skill imo. Especially to consider that healer should heal tank

3rd skill: increases cooldown speed. Not the best, but not the worst one.

4th skill: medium amount of shield points for only 2 (3 when maxed) random allies. Imo not worth it, because usually it won’t shield tank, so has no sense.

5th skill: auto-resurrection. Well, have mingled feelings about it. On the one hand it’s kinda good when maxed, on the other, you will rarely face the situation when it will be in demand. For me, this skill is more useless than useful. You can’t rely on it even when maxed, characters can day like after 2 seconds after it finishes

Overall: weak healer, but because of her LA you will use her as a leader a lot in early and mid game, till you will get Roe on 5*. Then you will forget about her i guess., because she is bad as healer, and can’t afford anything else. I mark her as B+ tier for early- and maybe mid-game and B- tier for end-game

Druid Jenkins

LA: The only use of it that I found is to cast it near enemies, so they could aggro their red zones on it instead of your squad. Because of it super small AoE circle it usually doesn’t heal anyone. Maybe if you group your team in one point it could heal someone, but that’s too problematic just to heal

2nd skill: creates a beam from himself with a not-so-bad heal over time. But only in a small range, if your character decides to move around - beam will be lost

3rd skill: increases cast speed. Absolutely useless

4th skill: creates totem, that grants cleanses in a very small Aoe circle. Doesn’t worth to upgrade it atm, because you won’t face situations when you need to clear someone from debuffs (you usually get them from red zones, and if you are in the read zone, you are most likely dead already)

5th skill: creates a medium AoE circle where everyone could be healed. When maxed every totem creates an aura for 3 seconds too (after they placed on the ground, not after someone steps inside heal zone), which is very low time to even put some characters into that totems.

Overall: weak healer, should be always near the character to at least heal it with skill. I don’t think you should use him anywhere/whenever if you have any choice, but he’s still better than PinkLady or Tsubasa as healer in your party. I mark him as B tier


LA: creates a big AoE healing circle, which actually heals rather good. I would put her as a leader only in situation when you do need additional AoE healing (mb in raid boss battles). In other cases it’s not what you want to use as your ult

2nd skill: debuff shields. That stacks. Right now almost useless, but wait for the PvP. I guess it will rock there.

3rd skill: increases cooldown speed. Not the best, but not the worst one.

4th skill: casts a healing circle that doesn’t link to the character. Usually it doesn’t heal anyone, because characters constantly moves and they get away from that circle in 1-2 seconds. But if you force squad to hold on this circle - it heals good. Plus it stacks, so on 6* you will get 50% every 0.5s

5th skill: heals chars and damages enemies in medium AoE circle. She usually casts it on enemies and aggro them, when you don’t want it. Annoying. Low damage and heal

Overall: right now she’s not the best choice for you if you have better healers. I believe you could use her in early, maybe mid-game, but not in end-game. Usually she can find her place when you are facing bosses and need to survive critical overgrowth. I mark her as B tier


LA: very good skill that is related to your character, so it can move and be healed over time at the same time! Plus it spreads up to 4 allies (when maxed), which makes your guys almost immortal for 16 seconds. But as LA this skill is weak, because she has another skills that even better that it!

2nd skill: even better healing than LA, but only for 2 (3 when maxed) chars. Usually it casts on tanks, so that’s not a problem.

3rd skill: increases cast speed. Absolutely useless

4th skill: imba skill. Reduces cooldown for all characters (except LA) and cleanses. Plus gives you debuff shields (when maxed). That is what you want for all your squad

5th skill: imba skill. Creates LARGE AoE circle with huge heal over time. When maxed you could stay in this circle and laugh at helpless enemies. Also grants Cooldown speed up on 6* with 50% (!!!).

Overall: that is the only healer you need to heal. Besides healing she supports you with cooldown reduction and debuff shields. She’s absolutely OP in boss fights, could single-handed critical overgrowth of the bosses AND makes your squad MUCH stronger. You should use her everywhere and every time. I mark her as S tier


LA: well, I haven’t used it much, just because I didn’t find where it could be useful. Teleports your squad with 1s delay to any point of the map and heals them/grants shields. Good for avoiding red zones, but that’s all

2nd skill: small amount of shields, small applying time. Not worth it.

3rd skill: increases max HP. Second (after increase atk up) strongest passive skill in the game, helps you to survive, lvl up it!

4th skill: summons ‘assistant’ (2 when maxed). Cuz of the AI bug, they don’t heal characters when they needed to, and flying somewhere else. Sometimes they serve their purpose and heal. If devs will fix it sometime, it should be a good skill. Atm it’s just bugged and not worth to upgrade.

5th skill: yea, the second and the only way of normal resurrecting your allies without LA or random auto-resurrection. Resurrect your dead guys with a small amount of HP, but man, at least they alive and could fight back again! Plus you could remove Tsubasa from leader spot and get 3* on raids more easier.

Overall: I don’t think you should take him in your party till 5 stars, because his skills are bad/bugged. So you won’t use him in early/early-mid game. But I believe you will get him in every party once get 5* for him. Also he makes the DD much more easier. I mark him as A- tier once 5 stars, and B- tier before 5 stars