Characters review: Light DPS

Reviewing heroes. Part with Light DPS characters.

Info for all characters. You may not mentioned this, but their 1st skill does only 65% damage at lvl1. So without upgrading skills, they are much more weaker than other chars with their basic attack. Is that a problem? Not really, most of the damage is done with skills, but you should be aware of it.


LA: large circle buff aura, than increases atk and cast speed (and move speed too) for everyone in the circle. On 6* it also applies def down (50%) to all enemies in the circle. Strong skill for bosses, as it increases attacks for everyone in the circle for 20s. So the more characters around - the more damage you will do. You definitely should use him as leader on bosses with such strong supporting power.

2nd skill: throwing 2 axes that damage in a very small AoE circle. It doesn’t written in his skill description, but they really do a very tiny AoE. Unless 6* this skill is absolutely useless, because has only 40% at start and damage increasing is low. But on 6* this skill literally destroys enemies and making him one of the best DPS characters in the game

3rd skill: that’s cool that strong char has an increase attack passive ability. Very useful

4th skill: attacks and applies def down (50%). Def down is not so good actually, it’s just ok. As well as damage from this skill.

5th skill: cone AoE attack. Imo should be upgraded last. Because it has 350% damage on 1 star, and not increasing much with leveling.

Overall. I believe he’s not very strong hero in early-mid game, but in the end-game you will use him at every boss as a leader. He’s OK to use in every stage if you like him anyway. I mark him as S tier on 6* with maxed skills, and about A- tier before 6*.


LA: a little bugged shuriken, which is not applying poison sometimes. Without leveling this skill does a very small amount of damage, but if you are lucky and poison does apply to enemies, in 15 sec they will lose most of their heals. On 6* also applies atk down, but usually enemies dies before they could do some damage.

2nd skill: oh, that is where her problem becomes. She really loves to jump into red zones or bombs and die there. And if you use ‘move’ command in that moment - she won’t teleport back, but will move from the point where she teleported, what is event worse. So the only way to prevent her doing this - constantly moving your team, so she couldn’t cast it at all, which is usually not what you want. Even more, this skill does a very small damage and applies only 6s poison. On 6* she also becomes invisible, which actually doesn’t help with her blinking.

3rd skill: increasing critical damage. Well, not the worst option, but the numbers are really low, so you could leave this skill for better times to upgrade

4rd skill: becomes invisible and gets more crit dmg up (15%). Imo useless till 6^, when she grants vanish and crit to the whole squad, which could be useful in some situations.

5th skill: again blinks to the enemy. All the problems are the same as with 2nd skill. When maxed, damage is ok, and has a 50% chance to execute. Very useful against bosses with low hp (<20%)

Overall. I would not recommend it for early and mid game. Most of all because of her blinking and low damage. She will make more troubles that do some valuable. Once you 6* her skills, you could use her if you want (and if you have mastered her blinking), but I don’t see situations when she’s required. I mark her as B- tier before 6* skills and A- tier once you maxed her.


LA: it could be an incredible LA if devs decrease his animation on 0.5 sec. Usually ranged enemies has time to basic attack him 1 time before getting stunned. But I guess that’s only my complaining, he’s very good even with current animation time. 8(!!!) seconds of stun on lvl1 ability, that’s the longest stun in game so far. I’ve used him as leader all the time before 5* HA. So you should definitely at least try him as leader, I think you will like him.

2nd skill: line AoE damage. Damage is a little bit lower that it could be, but I thinks it’s OK actually.

3rd skill: that’s cool that strong char has an increase attack passive ability. Very useful (yep, I just copied that from Nippleman’s description)

4th skill: circle AoE attack. Damage is OK, on 6* also applies atk down (25%, 15 sec)

5th skill: good damage to a single enemy, Plus stun, which could help you to interrupt casting enemies. On 6* also has an execution ability

Overall. Actually I thought to mark him as S tier, but after reviewing now understand that he’s not so OP as I’ve felt him. He’s really god for all the game stages, does lots of damage to bosses, very useful in regular dungeons. Nah, I would mark him as S- tier, he’s really strong char with stuns, good attack and great passive ability.


LA: jumps to the enemy and do critical damage to him. On 6* also applies bleed, which adds good damage, so you can try use him as leader in boss fights.

2nd skill: he backflips (or something like that). That means he’s uncontrollable. That is not what you want from character. The problem is the same as with Akatsumi. The only difference that he blinks back, where could be enemies too. And moreover, damage is very low, and usually aggro enemies that you don’t want to aggro that soon.

3rd skill: increasing critical damage. Well, not the worst option, considering that he has 2 skills with crit.

4th skill: one more jump! And it’s even worse than Akatsuki, because he doesn’t return back! Aggros every enemy on the map, dies from basic attacks and rats your other team.

5th skill: does really much damage, but this won’t save this char from my overall mark. Also has a bleeding on 6*, which allows usually to one-shot enemies (if he lives long enough to cast it)

Overall. I would not recommend this char to use anywhere till you get full 6* with all maxed skills. Absolutely uncontrollable, aggros all the enemies, usually dies from red zones or just from basic attacks. The only place for him I found is the boss fights, where he does really huge damage when maxed. So, there are two marks. I mark him as F+ tier before 6* with maxed 5th skill. He’s slightly better than Guest62261. And I mark him as S tier once he’s maxed. If he wouldn’t jump he could be much better.


LA: VERY huge AoE, which could group all the enemies on map in 1 point. Unfortunately, damage is very low in the end-game, so all of the enemies will be alive, and most likely kill him, if you pull too much. But for early and maybe mid game it works really well, especially if you need to interrupt some cast. Has low cd

2nd skill: heals and grants himself small amount of atk up and cd speed up. Not worth to upgrade

3rd skill: heal receive. Imo it fits this character, cuz of his self-heal, but still not very useful

4th skill: grants atk up to 25% on 5*. Imo not worth either to lvl up this skill or put this char into your squad because of it

5th skill: well, at least 1 skill that actually makes some damage. To be honest that’s the only skill that makes damage, his basic attacks do very little damage even with all his ‘buffs’. That’s a line AoE DoT damage skill, which he likes to cast on maximum range, so it hits enemy only 1 time. You should manually put the char as close to enemy as possible and let him cast. Only in that case you will get at least some damage.

Overall. I would not recommend this char to use in the end-game. Still, could be used in early game and maybe mid-game. Low damage, he uses his buffs all the time instead of attacking. But he’s funny. I mark him as B- tier.


LA: pushbacks all the enemies, low-medium damage. In some cases it could be useful, but usually that is not what you want to see from your LA.

2nd skill: self heal. Well that’s all, nothing more to say, just heals himself

3rd skill: heal receive. Imo it fits this character, cuz of his self-heal, but still not very useful

4th skill: pull a single enemy (2 enemies on 6*) and stun it/them. Damage is ok, slow damage progression on upgrade

5th skill: good damage, applies def down (50% for 7sec) and blind (on 6*) in small-medium AoE circle. Good skill, you should like it. Recommend to max first. Btw, you should manually move him to the enemies, or he’ll cast it as soon as gets to the edge of his ability, and only 1 enemy instead of group will get damage

Overall. Not a great character, but you could live with him. You can use him at mid stage if you want, but i believe you’ll have better heroes by that time. I mark him as B tier.