Characters review: mages

The next review part, mages:


LA: medium AoE damage, which interrupts casts and pull enemies a little bit. Applies slow to them. On 3* adds freeze for 3 seconds, and that’s great. On 6 star also adds ice explosion (just more damage). I can say that starting from 3 stars this LA is very good. It interrupts casters, slow and freeze them, and, what is the most important, it freezes casters who can’t be stunned. I would recommend to use Jaina as leader in regular dungeons, she might be helpful. All bosses are immune to freeze, so no much sense to put her as leader there.

2nd skill: shoots 3 projectiles on the nearest enemies. On 6* also adds freeze, which is very useful in DD.

3rd skill: passive atk up. Man, that’s the best passive ability, definitely should be upgraded!

4th skill: long narrow AoE DoT line attack. Damage is good, on 6* also adds vulnerability for 9s. Stacks with 5th skill vulnerability

5th skill: medium circle AoE damage. Freezes all enemies immediately for 4s (6s on 5*) + damages them. Good skill, one more freeze. On 6 stars also adds vulnerability, which stacks with 4th skill. Works great on bosses (not freezes them, but adds vulnerability)

Overall. Good supporting unit once you reach 6* skills. Meta unit on current DD for controlling bosses. Just a good hero for regular dungeons. You can use her her in every stage of the game. Maybe even with bosses before 6* skills, her damage is OK. I mark her as A+ tier with 6* skills and A- tier without them.


LA: small circle AoE damage. Usually she wants to aggro as many enemies as possible with it, so be careful. On 6* also adds stacking fire hazards on the landing place. and that’s where it becomes to shine. Before nerf those hazards did literally millions of damage in 3 seconds, but even after nerf it’s still good. You will understand why everyone uses her as a leader once you get 6* on this skill. Before 6 stars I can’t recommend to use her as leader, as her damage is just good, but sometimes could create troubles with aggro.

2nd skill: the same skill as Jaina’s, but on 6* instead of vulnerability adds Burn for 5s.

3rd skill: passive atk up. Man, that’s the best passive ability, definitely should be upgraded!

4th skill: long narrow AoE DoT line attack. Important! Do NOT interrupt this skill, because it does tons of damage with last tick. Idk if that’s a bug, but the regular damage is like 2-3k, and in the end it deals 15-20k. On 6* also adds def down (50%, 7s), which is not very important.

5th skill: medium AoE circle aura with gives cast speed up and atk up (on 5*) for everyone inside. Bugged skill, it doesn’t increase duration with upgrading, it doesn’t casted when cd is due. I would not recommend to upgrade skill skill to 6 stars at the moment.

Overall: just good character before 6* LA, great character once you get it maxed. Current leader meta for DD. With the right team(s) can do tons of damage. You can use her in every game stage and in bosses too (her damage is OK). I mark her as S- tier with 6* skills and A- tier without them


LA: lighting bolts right in the head of your enemies. Great LA skill for early, middle and end game. If you wanna LA with damage - he’s the best. If his bolts kill the enemy, but the cast is not over yet, he could continue attack (and aggro) nearest enemies with it, so be careful. Also applies paralyze (on 6*), but it’s very weak debuff right now, you would better not count on it.

2nd skill: bolts that damages up to 3 enemies. Damaged enemies could be random, so be prepared to handle them. Also applies paralyze. Good damage.

3rd skill: passive atk up. Man, that’s the best passive ability, definitely should be upgraded!

4th skill: medium circle AoE with huge damage. Just damage, nothing more. Also applies slow on 6*, but that’s a bad addition, you won’t need it in 99% situations, as enemies die before they could reach you

5th skill: chain lightning. I think you know how chain lightning works, right? Aggro more enemies that you want, but the damage is OK, I believe you can handle them.

Overall. One important thing. Zappy is the slowest caster in the game, it takes about 2s for each cast, so you would better get ‘Magic Slingers’ formation or someone with cast speed up ability (I prefer formation). What else to say? He’s a great character, could be used anywhere and anytime. Perfect choice for an early and mid game. I mark him as A+ tier. He worth your attention.


LA: summons skeletons for 15s. Important! Skeletons do not taunt enemies, they are just doing small fixed damage. It doesn’t increase with your level or gear unfortunately. Atm his LA is very weak, since skeletons will most likely die from red zones, or randomly wander and sometimes hit the mobs with some damage. Not recommended to put him as leader in medium and end-game. Could be fun to play with skeletons in early game

2nd skill: summons 2 archer skeletons. Well, these 2 (3 on 6*) at least will stay and attack enemies instead of wandering. They can even taunt them, if nobody else will hit them. Damage is also non-scalable

3rd skill: increases cast speed. The most useless passive ability in the game. Do not upgrade it

4th skill: leech HP for your skeletons (not for you!). On 6* also executes enemy. Damage is OK, but leech for non-taunt skeletons is very weird.

5th skill: medium circle aura, that applies atk up and cast speed up for everyone for 20s. The best atk up aura in the game, increases damage by 150% on 6*. Increases group damage very, very much. Should max this skill asap and get this char with you on every boss.

Overall. Not the best character for middle and end-game. Could be used in the early game, since skeletons do some damage to low-level mobs. But once you lvl up him to 5 stars, you should try to make friends, especially on bosses. He doesn’t do any damage, but he helps all other characters with 2.5x damage buff. I mark him as A tier with maxed 5th skill and only B+ tier without it.


LA: damages, applies poison (15s) and spread it to more enemies with leveling up. Well, not the best LA. As she (yea, it’s she, you may hadn’t noticed boobs beyond that beak) hasn’t much attack, and poison does only 15% of damage. Can’t recommend to use her as leader

2nd skill: damages and applies poison in small circle AoE. Damage is very low before reaching 5*. Poison’s damage is low too.

3rd skill: increases cast speed. The most useless passive ability in the game. Do not upgrade it

4th skill: damages and leeches HP. Damage is OK, the more important that the character could heal herself. On 6* also adds slow, but it doesn’t help much.

5th skill: one more poison. It says that it also cleanses all allies, but I never had a situation to check it

Overall. Not much to say, she’s not so good. If you could manage to put 3 stacks of poison on 1 enemy, than it deals at least some damage, but usually someone kills the enemy faster than you could stack poisons. Can’t recommend to use her in any game stage, and even on bosses, her damage is really very low, and she doesn’t have useful passive ability. I mark her as B tier.


LA: summons dragon, that doesn’t taunt enemies. Dragon damage is ok, but the attack speed is low (like, 1 hit in 3 seconds). Could be used to demine red zones, since dragon will return back to you, instead of attacking the enemies. On 6* adds some “Dragon Blast”, I don’t have it yet, can’t say what it does (wait for updates!). Well, you could use him as Leader, but there are heroes with better LA than this.

2nd skill: summons bulls. While charging, do lots of damage. Their regular attacks are slow and low. Important: enemies do not aggro on them, if KoG decided to summon them near the enemies. So there could be a situation when bulls kill the last enemy, new enemies spawn on exactly the place, and bulls like ‘howdy mobs’. You have to aggro enemy to trigger the bulls.

3rd skill: increase move speed. Useless, don’t upgrade it. You can escape red zones in 95% cases with regular speed, just need a little bit practice.

4th skill: huge circle AoE vulnerability zone. Has almost no damage, on 6* does small damage in the end.

5th skill: small circle AoE DoT damage. On 3* also applies vulnerability (8s). Damage is just OK

Overall. Great character for early and maybe mid-game. Becomes worse in the end-game. Damage is low, but has vulnerabilities, which means that he’s more support than DD in the end-game. On regular bosses you won’t have place for him (maybe on 20-man parties only). I mark him as A- tier for early game, and B+ tier for end game.
Note from Trogburn: KingOfGames’ vulnerabilities have lower effectiveness than MoreProudJaina’s due to duration times and cooldown times. This is why I would always prefer Jaina over KoG in end game for vulnerability.