Characters review: ranged

Part with Ranged DPS class.


LA: summons a wolf, that aggros nearest enemies. Also, if anyone has a bleed, the wolf has 2x damage. Sometimes it helpful, but the most important part that it could tank enemies for some time, has low CD and can secure red zones for your team. Also grants you a small CRT DMG UP boost, but that is not so important too. Good LA, I believe you can use this character as a leader

2nd skill: small damage to random enemies. Warning: this skill could aggros up to 7 enemies, because those arrows flying into random targets. Usually that’s not a big problem, but sometimes it’s annoying. On 6* with critical hit becomes slightly better.

3rd skill: increase CRT chance. Good passive ability

4th skill: very good ability. Small circle AoE damage, which applies bleed on 3s, and deals medium-huge damage on 5*. Without leveling-up skill has nothing to offer you with only 5% damage on 1 star.

5th skill: once more good ability. 8 seconds of bleed + good damage from arrow itself. Note: arrow damages every tick. So the longer it penetrates enemies, the more damage is does. Be sure to move hero closer to fat enemy, so you could make more damage

Overall. Good character. Could be used anywhere and anytime. Very important for Ranged Challenge, as he’s the second hero who can summon tank. I mark him as A tier, because of his LA tank summon and good damage in the end-game.


LA: damages (low damage) a single enemy, applies Vulnerability and Silence. Well, not the best LA, but not the worst. Could be used to clear some levels with annoying casters or to kill some boss faster. Would not recommend to use her as leader in boss battles, but in regular dungeons it’s possible. Additional comment from Psycho Romeo: It’s one of the earliest sources of silence. If you’re struggling in dungeons against a particular enemy, she can solve your problem. It’s also really good in DD if you don’t have a lot of stun yet.

2nd skill: damages a single enemy and applies burn (5s). Low damage at first, pretty good damage on 5* though. Not much to say about it

3rd skill: increases cooldown speed. Because of the AI bug it’s not very useful atm. I hope skills’ timing bug will be fixed, and this ability becomes much more powerful.

4th skill: damages a single enemy and applies slow. Not big damage, this skill actually does the lowest loss.

5th skill: cone AoE DoT damage with burn. Has a very huge radius, but just low-medium damage. Only good to burn small spiders for me.

Overall. Not a great character. I don’t even have much to say about her. She’s just OK to be in dudgeon party, would not recommend to use him in boss fights. Nothing really changes from early to end game with her. I mark her as B tier. Maybe if devs change burn, he’ll become stronger.


LA: huge circle AoE explosion with good damage. Good to use her in early and maybe mid-game as a leader. Note: you can’t use her LA while on holding. That’s a bug, hope it will be fixed one day.

2nd skill: very tiny cone AoE damage with small damage. It also has a 20% chance of applying slow on 4*. Not a great skill, almost never hits more that 1-2 enemies. But if you manage to group enemies somehow, this skill can cause lots of damage.

3rd skill: critical chance. Good skill, I like critical hits, and when maxed you will have a lot of them in your party.

4th skill: chain lightning enemies. Better that 2nd skill, because it’s guaranteed to damage nearest enemies, but still has very low damage. Somehow useful on last raid boss to clear those goblins.

5th skill: huge line AoE DoT attack, which deals damage every tick. Actually that’s the only skill which damages (excluding LA), so you want to upgrade it first. Note: don’t move your group while this skill animation is in progress, or you will loose lots of damage.

Overall. Good hero for ealy-mid game as a leader. Has not much to offer you in the end-game. I would not recommend to put her in boss fights (maybe except the last raid boss, but I don’t use her there). I mark her as B+ tier hero. She got this mark mostly because of her good 3rd skill, since she has nothing more to offer for your squad.


LA: very good LA skill, especially for early-mid game. Summons a stationary tank, which deals small cone AoE damage and hurts your enemies much. Just like sterling_steel LA it could be used to distract enemies, their red zone, tanks them, and even damage! Super important ability for Ranged Challenge

2nd skill: small cone AoE, but huge DoT damage. Should be upgraded first, as it burns so much. Note: you better put char closer to the enemy group, so you could flame them all, instead of only 1.

3rd skill: increase critical damage. Not very important, since it has low numbers, but still ok.

4th skill: summons spider. Oh, this uncontrollable spider can aggro mobs which you don’t want to aggro. So be sure that you could handle all the enemies on the screen, or wait until it dies and only then attack the group you’re targeting. Spider doesn’t damage much, but still can tank some enemies, so at least there is some benefit from it.

5th skill: absolutely useless. adds only 5% shields to the squad. It only could help you somehow to beat Ranged Challenge 5, and that’s the only place where you will need it.

Overall. Well, this char has only 1 skill that damages, and a good LA. You can use him in regular dungeons as leader in early-mid game. Would not recommend to use him in boss fights, as his damage is low, and he doesn’t have a great passive skill. I mark him as A- tier for early-mid game, and B+ tier for end game.


LA: huge line AoE, but till the 4* has a very low damage. Would not recommend to use her as leader, because she’s rude Lonewolf has much better AoE damage. Blind chance is only 10%(20% on 6*), and blind itself is a weak debuff.

2nd skill: small circle AoE damage. Well, the damage is OK, cd is small, so the skill overall is good. Should you upgrade it? If you use her in your squad, then yes. It does the same damage as her basic ranged attack and her 5th skill

3rd skill: increase critical damage. Not very important, since it has low numbers, but still ok.

4th skill: absolutely useless. Idk why devs decided to add a shield skill, but it will almost never shield your tank, but someone else. Again, the only place where it’s somehow useful is Ranged Challenge 5 (yea, it’s really hard). Would not recommend to lvl up it.

5th skill: pretty good damage in small AoE . It has 20s cd, and long cast time, but really good damage.

Overall. Not the best character till 5*, when she unlocks her 5th skill, but you could use her in your party if you want in any stage of game. Would not recommend to add her into boss fights, since the damage is not huge, and she doesn’t have a great passive skill. I mark her as B+ tier for early and mid game, and B tier for end-game.


LA: does really huge damage to a single enemy and pushbacks him. Has a small cd. Note: doesn’t aggro enemies group when you aim someone. Only the target will aggro at you. With that, you can use this skill to clear every dungeon just standing at one place and killing everyone (or at least focusing only 1 enemy)

2nd skill: shooting 1-3 random targets. Could aggro someone you wouldn’t like to aggo, be careful with that. Damage is low on individual target

3rd skill: increases cooldown speed. Because of the AI bug it’s not very useful atm. I hope skills’ timing bug will be fixed, and this ability becomes much more powerful.

4th skill: reduces cooldown (excluding LA) only for this character. Good skill, on 4* also adds 50% Atk up

5th skill: one powerful shot. Has huge range, so it could kill an enemy from a long distance. On 6* also adds execute, which means she’ll be good against bosses.

Overall. Strong character, deals lots of damage and has good LA. Can’t say anything else about her. I mark her as A tier

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