Characters review: tanks

The part with tanks. Actual for the game version from 06.01.2021


Overall one of the worst characters in the game. Except the biggest HP pull he has nothing to offer you. Even more, when you upgrade him to 5*, he becomes not only useless but also very annoying cuz of his ‘spin’ skill, which will agro the every single enemy in the area.

Leader ability : does some sort of AoE damage. Without maxing it to 6* the damage is very low, ‘silence’ on 6th star doesn’t make it any better.

2nd ability : useful only on 6* with stun. Stagger by itself is not so good, so before 6* it only can do some sort of damage.

4th ability : does a little bit more damage. Nothing special to say

5th ability : you will hate him for this ability. Spins to enemy and red zones all the times. Minimum damage, but has self-heal on 6*, which allows him to do solo nodes in raids

Overall . Personally I will mark him as C- tier. Don’t use him. Bad skills, annoying spin, minimum damage. Still can solo node in EX raids if you max him.


Not bad tank, but all her potential is fully revealed at 5 stars. You will use her in late game

Leader ability: only useful for blind (and vulnerability on 6*). Does minimal damage, but blind is a good thing at least for tank challenges.

2nd skill: heal + shield herself. Not much heal, not much shield, but better than nothing. This ability allows her to solo node in EX raid. Cleanse on 6* is useless atm.

4th skill: small AoE damage. You could kill only small spiders with it. Maybe. Silence on 6* makes it a little better, especially when solo-fighting mobs with cast.

5th skill: AoE defense + shields. This thing will safe all your squads from huge bosses’ damage and maybe even from red zones! Personally I use character only because of this skill

Overall. Personally I will mark her as A- tier. She doesn’t have enough damage or skills to be useful in early of mid game. But in the end-game with upgraded 5th skill she will help you a lot in some situations. Also you can use her in your Tank Challenge to blind all the enemies, so the Bunny will survive a little bit longer!


You will only use him at 5-6* (maybe). Not a great tank, but with maxed abilities he becomes OP character (should be nerfed btw, he even stronger than Toolshed before nerf).

Leader ability : only useful on 6*. Before it can’t afford you much. But as soon as you gets 6 stars, all your squads become immortal for 10 seconds. Literally nothing can kill them

2nd skill : little block. On 6* applies it to all squad. Nothing special

4th skill : heals himself. Also grants max HP up, but personally I haven’t seen much difference. More important that he heals itself, and you know what this means. Yes, he can also solo node in EX raid.

5h skill : OP on 6*. This ability allows you to stay alive in red zones (if you group your squad(s) in 1 point). I always get this character to all bosses and mimics.

Overall. Personally I will mark him as S tier if you have him on 6* . If not, he could be marked as B+/A- tier, still because of his 5th skill. I don’t think you should use him in early and mid game if you have another choice. But he’s must-have in the end game.


The best tank for late-game. Not so OP as Stan, but he’s really good starting on 4*

Leader ability : taunts and applies atk down. Fun fact: atk down works even for cast abilities, so if you put it and stay in the red zone, you will survive (bug I guess?). Anyway great skill, allows you to taunt enemies, so you could come closer and stun them. Even more, enemies will use their cast abilities on totem, so you could not scary of being dead!

2nd skill : small damage, small attack down, has stun on 6*. Not so good overall. Also ability is bugged with timing. It stuns for 4s and has a cooldown of 6s. So character should use it all the time. But instead his AI is like: 4th skill, 2nd skill, 5th skill, THREE basic attacks. Shouldn’t be that way

4th skill : stuns enemies from a big distance. So they have no chance to even start casting their magic stuff. Very useful for enemies that couldn’t be interrupted after they started to cast. Imo should be maxed first

5th skill : one more stun! Now you can stun even more. and even larger groups. As a bonus it does pretty much damage as for tank. Should be maxed after 4th skill.

Overall . Personally I will mark him as A+ tier. You will use him in every single dungeon, but in boss fights he’s not as good as Stan. Anyway, must-have character in the end-game. Not so good before 4*, so in early-game I can’t recommend him. Starting from mid+ game you will love him. The only tank for DD nowadays, because he has lots of stuns, that allows you to keep boss in stun almost all the time.


Not so bad tank, especially for early and mid game. But you will rarely use him in the late-game

Leader ability : this skill will help you survive most of Bosses attacks in early and mid game. Lots of def up + heal receive up makes it one of the best tanks skills for early and mid game. But it has 30s cooldown, which is too big for late-game, so Stan is better atm with his aura.

2nd ability : grants shields. Helps tank a little better, nothing special

4th ability : stun. It has 4s cd and it stuns for 3s! And instead of Healer Adjust 2nd skill it works as expected. He stuns enemy every 4 seconds, which is great for some big enemies with interrupted casts. Plus on 6^ stun becomes AoE.

5th ability : small AoE damage and atk down. Nothing special.

Overall. Personally I will mark him as A- tier for early-mid game and B+ tier for end-game. He’s good for early and mid-game, but you have better tanks for late-game. Not much damage, good stun and cool leader ability.


Good tank, has lots of leech, on 5* has super-useful skill that will increase your damage and make this tank better that most ‘medium dps’ characters.

Leader ability: does small damage, leech even less HP. Nothing special, I usually use it to teleport character from red zone more than heal or damage someone.

2nd skill: small damage, but more important that it applies leech and your tank now could heal himself! Yay, now he can solo node in EX raid (well, he still can heal himself with LA, but the amount of leeched HP is very low)

4th skill: another leech and stun! Very useful when you fight enemy casters. Stun them and get all their HP. On 6* you will also get auto-resurrect, but it always ends 1 or 2 seconds before your character dies, so don’t rely on it too much. Also has the same situation as with HA. It says that cooldown is 4s, but I rarely see him using this ability, though he must use it nonstop.

5th skill: summons a copy (on 6* 2 copies) of himself, but stronger and better. Summoned shadow does really much damage and leaves very long, so I recommend to max this ability first. Shadows cast cast stun/leech, but instead they do lots of damage.

Overall. Personally I will mark him as A tier. He can easily solo node in EX raid, has leech and pretty much damage. Unfortunately, I didn’t use him anywhere, though he’s a good tank. He can surely clear any dungeon node and stay against bosses, but he’s only good for solo or supporting weak team as main tanks/dps/healer. In the late game I haven’t found place for him.