Limited Spell Effect Issues

With the latest update that had Performance Tuning changes, the number of spell effects rendered on the screen was limited to a certain amount. This was a great change for performance reasons for some of us, but it had an unintended side effect.

Enemy spell casts (red zones) are sometimes being hidden by this change, resulting in random WTF moments as you get hit by a massive AoE damage that you were not expecting. I have seen this occur with the Mushroom explosions as well as the Crypt Ghoul Bloats? overhead smash / mind control, and a few others.

Suggested fix options:

  1. Enemy spells / red zone effects should ALWAYS be shown, regardless of the current set limit on spell effects (in other words, don’t include them in the list to restrict / only limit player spell effects).
  2. OR Enemy spells / red zone effects should be prioritized higher than player spell effects. This could be a shorter term solution maybe, but I still see potential here for issues when the cap on effects is already hit when an enemy casts a spell, etc.

Another side note:
Player auras like Toolshed’s cast speed up aura, should either always be shown, or there should be at least an indicator somewhere in the UI that lets the player know it is currently active (like a tick mark, or badge, or arrow indicator, or something low res / low animation). Certain auras/buffs are vital to good strategy and usage of abilities like Leader casts, and/or movement during cooldowns, etc.