Patch Notes - Verison 0.3.4 (0.300821)

Patch Notes - Version 0.3.4 (0.3.00821)


  • Fixed an issue where sounds from Kraken and Water Serpent Raid Boss fights were playing while muted.


  • Added a 6th Star Tier for all Guild Members.
    • Unlocking the 6th Star Tier does not grant a new ability, but gives massive stat boosts.
    • Ability Level 6 is now locked until the Guild Member reaches 6 stars. Existing Guild Members on accounts that already have level 6 abilities will retain their levels regardless of current Guild Member stars.
    • Adjusted tier up shard cost and coin cost for 2 - 5 stars.
      • 1 Star: 1 Shard
      • 2 Star: 5 Shards
      • 3 Star: 30 Shards
      • 4 Star: 70 Shards
      • 5 Star: 130 Shards
      • 6 Star: 215 Shards
  • Rework Expeditions:
    • Expedition slots are now gated by player level in addition to Expedition Tokens.
    • Added more Expedition slots (there are now 8, some of these will be accessible with future Campaign content).
    • Added new slot type: Loot slot. These slots give Guild Member XP, and assorted crafting items and Coins (and occasionally Gems).
    • Removed Guild Member XP rewards from slots that give Guild Member shards and adjusted Expedition duration and loot tables.
    • Removed Expedition Tokens from Achievements.
    • Removed Expedition Token packs from the Gem Shop.
  • Alliance Raids:
    • Removed Faction Requirements from Alliance Raids nodes.
    • Moved some Leader Requirements in Hard and EX Alliance Raids so they are more spread out after the removal of Faction Requirement nodes.
    • Updated Star Requirements for Hard and EX Alliance Raids to better enforce focusing on improving specific Guild Members per roster.
  • Added achievements for Campaign stars earned in World 5 and 6.
  • Fixed Crit Rating Up 3* ability to actually increase Crit Chance instead of Crit Damage.
  • Fixed KingOfGames loyalty quest to Summon Big Buddy 25 Times was not recording progress if you leveled up the ability.
  • Fixed Main Quest Campaign mission: Gear IX on 15 Guild Members being too early in the quest chain order.
  • Fixed Bloodrage Formation to stack correctly.
  • Fixed Regression Healer’s Adjust totem wasn’t applying Attack Down at lvl 3+.
  • Fixed bug that StanIsCool’s max level leader ability was applying Invincibility to enemies.


  • Add claim all / start all button for expeditions
  • Fixed calculation for stat buffs from Guild Member star tier were not stacking correctly with 3* abilities and active buffs. (this change should make 3* abilities slightly more potent)
  • Fixed player Guild Members under the effect of zombie where responding to hold commands
  • Fixed bug where all Guild Members were reporting their weapon’s gave “Heal” power, instead of attack.
  • Fixed level text not being set correctly on post combat details results screen
  • Fixed bug when canceling a raid immediately, that has no progress, resulted in clearing the previous raid history, which caused users to not be able to collect rewards.
  • Fixed some audio FX still playing from water attacks (world 4 enemies) when the game is muted.
  • Updated Unity Engine version


  • Added a Start All/Claim All button to Expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue where all Weapons were showing +HEAL.

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