Patch Notes - Version: 0.1.2 (0.1.00233)

Note: This is an in-game update. No need to update the game from Google Play. You may need to restart the app in order to trigger the download.


  • Updated all Dungeon environments with props.
  • Updated all Raid environments (from grey-box to final art).
  • Falling rocks in Titan Golem don’t look awful anymore.
  • Updated VFX on World 5 and 6 enemies.
  • Updated world backgrounds in Campaign panel UI.
  • Fixed holes/artifacting in Ice and Desert shaders.


  • Updated cameras in all Dungeon rooms.
    • This is experimental! Please respond in Feedback channels with how they feel. Intent is to keep enemies on screen without zooming out or in too far. Characters or enemies should not engage in combat off screen.
  • Removed some rooms from World 2 Dungeons to shorten them.
  • Lessened the amount of Cactuses (Cactii? Cactiousness?) that spawn in encounters in World 2.
  • Changed DPS Light Challenge to require less Guild Members.
  • Removed some Skellies from DPS Magic Challenge Tier 1 to bring difficulty down a bit.
  • Buffed Furnace Mech HP (he was way too easy, good luck in there Pizzas).
  • Buffed Big Nippleman HP in Support Challenge.
  • Fixed required star count for World 2 progression Achievement.


  • Fixed Guild Members not being able to move in DPS Light Challenge.
  • Fixed Tsubasa’s AI sometimes getting stuck in Dungeon heal rooms.
  • Fixed Tsubasa’s Super Ability sometimes not working at Levels 2-6.