Patch Notes - Version: 0.1.3 (0.1.00244)

Note: This is a client update that must be completed through the Google Play store.


  • Added daily login rewards for April and May.
  • Fixed minor grammar and spelling mistakes.


  • Added setting to unlink Google accounts, if desired.
  • Added Maintenance Mode to clients when server updates or maintenance has started.
  • Added button in crafting finder to instantly purchase from item store if available.
  • Added graphics quality settings to the options menu.
  • Updated equipment list to scroll to current equipment automatically.
  • Fixed a bug causing chat history to loop.
  • Fixed an issue causing emulators (BlueStacks) not to spawn enemies.
  • Fixed some issues with equipment finder not working correctly with Weapon Quests.
  • Fixed graphical bugs, “pink squares,” that were visible for a short time when completing combat.
  • Fixed audio bug causing XP gain to play even if FX sound was muted.