Patch Notes - Version: 0.1.3 (0.1.00262)

Note: This is an in-game update. No need to update the game from Google Play. You may need to restart the app in order to trigger the download.


  • Updated lighting on Challenge arena and Clone Tower environments.
  • Updated Coin and Gem bundle images in the Store with sexier art.
  • Updated sound effects for Worlds 5 and 6.


  • Updated Roe3’s ability upgrades:
    • Roe3 now takes on the role of healer/shielder by granting Shield Points through most of his abilities!
      • Shield Points act as temporary extra hit points to soak up damage.
    • Super Ability: Mass Teleport - Teleports Squad to location and Heals.
      • Upgrades: Grants Shield Points in addition to healing.
    • 2* Ability: Protective Coating - Grants Shield Points to three squad allies.
      • Upgrades: Grants more Shield Points, eventually upgrades to targeting entire Squad.
    • 4* Ability: Summon Assistant - Summons flying helper that Heals allies.
      • Upgrades: Grants Shield Points in addition to healing, eventually upgrades to summoning two assistants.
    • 5* Ability: I Can Fix This - Resurrects one ally.
      • Upgrades: Grants Shield Points to resurrected ally, eventually upgrades to resurrecting up to five allies.
  • Fixed Weapons not giving the appropriate stat boosts and odd-numbered levels.