Patch Notes - Version 0.2.2 (0.2.00445)

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  • Clone Tower UI reskin
  • General UI enhancements


  • Updated TheRealBlackSwordsman’s Leech ability.
    • Increased cooldown to 8s (was 6s).
    • Decreased Leech buff duration to 3s (was 8s).
    • Changed Level 6 upgrade to add 2s duration to the Leech buff (was a +Self Heal that was never actually hooked up, whoops).
  • Updated difficulty tuning across all Dungeons.
    • Game was leaning much too closely to the easy side after doing the DPS tuning pass.
    • Mobs were given slightly more HP, damage, and defense.
  • Updated difficulty across all red zone attacks in Dungeons.
    • These are VERY dangerous. Be careful out there, pizzas.
    • These have needed an update since prior to Early Access launch. Most of them were not dangerous at all and could just autoplay past.
  • Updated various enemies.
    • Skeleton Grunt got an HP buff.
    • Murloc Minions got a HP and Attack buffs.
    • Murloc Healers got a cast speed buff.
    • Murloc Captains got an Attack buff.
  • Updated Skeleton King Raid Boss fight:
    • Skeleton King, Brutus, Rufus, and Clyde all got HP buffs.
      • Brutus got a big Def buff.
    • Phases now trigger at new HP values.
    • Skeleton King acquired a new ability. Watch out!
  • Updated Zombie Experiment Raid Boss fight:
    • Zombie Experiment got an HP buff.
    • Zombie Specimen Containers are only targetable when a Zombie is on the field.
    • Zombie Specimen Containers got a VFX to help point out when they’re useful.
  • Updated Ice Queen Raid Boss fight:
    • Ice Queen got an HP and damage buff.
  • Updated Lich King Raid Boss fight:
    • Ice Dragon got an HP buff.
    • Lich King summons got HP buffs.
  • Added battle tips to all Raid Boss fights in the event of defeat.
  • Updated ability upgrades text for 3* abilities to match terms with the stats panel.
  • Updated Alexa’s Tier VI Weapon Quest to have more healers.
  • Updated FriendlyDude5’s Tier VI Weapon Quest to have more tanks.
  • Fixed a bug where HealersAdjust’s Shout ability wasn’t applying Stun for the correct amount of time.
  • Fixed a bug where Uther’s Shield Toss ability wasn’t applying Stun for the correct amount of time.
  • Fixed a bug where the Poison Steps Formation was dealing multiple layers of ticking damage rather than actually applying a Poison debuff.
    • New version allows three duplicate Poison debuffs to stack on each enemy.
  • Fixed a bug that stated Kirito1998’s True Cut ability targeted 16 enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the incorrect recommended gear tier on Challenges UI.
  • Fixed a bug where the Baby Kraken’s could apply Blind outside of the range denoted in their red zone attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Snow Wretch’s could damage enemies outside of the range denoted in their red zone attack.


  • Minor improvements and bug fixing to combat AI. Characters should hold position correctly on water serpent and kraken raids.
  • Performance improvements to Daily Dungeon and combat in general.
  • Fixed various bugs with loyalty achievements not counting progress correctly.
  • Fixed some SFX playing when the game is muted.
  • Fixed daily achievements bug when online when UTC date rollover occurs.
  • Fixed Guild Management UI looking broken when inspecting max level ability.
  • Fixed lots of other small bugs.

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