Patch Notes - Version 0.2.4 (0.2.00550)

Big update! Our first limited time event, and our first new Guild Member launch!


  • Made minor adjustments to the Store UI to accommodate Event Store tabs.


  • New Guild Member!
    • KingOfGames - The Cardmaster
      • This Guild Member joins the Fashonistas as a huge DPS summoner!
      • Dragons are his main gig, and boy does he love them…we hope you will too!
  • New Event!
    • Battle through 12 new stages that get harder as you go.
      • For each stage, you’ll get to use KingOfGames and see what kind of power he has.
      • The KingOfGames used in these stages is given to you for only those stages and is powered up to the recommended difficulty.
      • You’ll need to bring in your own Guild Members to fill out the rest of the Squads and these will not be automatically powered up.
      • Additionally, the Raid Bosses seen in these stages have been powered up! Watch out for new, dangerous abilities.
    • Collect Cards during the KingOfGames release event.
      • Four different Card Types are available to collect.
      • Each Card Type can be spent on different things in a brand new section of the Store.
      • Trade them in for KingOfGames shards, Coins, crafting mats, and more.
    • Some things to note regarding KingOfGames shards during the Event.
      • The Event Store has KingOfGames shard packs available for purchase using free Cards earned during the Event.
      • Once unlocked, Expeditions will allow you to earn his shards, per normal.
      • For the duration of the event, KingOfGames will not appear in the Recruit Shop.
        • He will be available in the Recruit Shop after the Event concludes.
  • Updated the functionality of the Poof! Formation.
    • Rather than making your Squad invisible for a set amount of time at the beginning of combat, they continually have a random chance to activate invisibility for short periods throughout the entire combat.


  • Changed player Guild Member summons to be non-controllable and have their own independent Squad AI.
  • Fixed a bug where Guild Member summons did not inherit the correct stats from their summoner, making them less powerful than they should be.
  • Fixed a bug in the Evil Clone Tower where using the Charge Up formation would cause units to not use combat abilities.
  • Daily Dungeon now resolves score tiebreakers with the shortest completion time instead of the “first in” method.
  • Fixed Akatsuki’s 4* Vanish ability at Level 6 not working as intended.
  • Removed ‘:’ from the allowed list of symbols in names. This fixes some people not being able to report scores to the Daily Dungeon leaderboard correctly.
  • Fixed the blue lizard monster making sound when SFX are muted.
  • Fixed Daily Dungeon reporting score to incorrect leaderboard when playing Daily Dungeon during the reset time.

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