Patch Notes - Version 0.2.5 (0.2.00636)


  • Fixed a visual bug with Jaina’s 4* ability.
  • Fixed Lily’s Super not rendering the correct preview zone when dragging.


  • Created a new Coin Challenge.
    • Enter daily to earn Coins using your entire Guild Roster.
  • Created a new rotating Coin Event.
    • Enter a new event using specific Faction Guild Members to earn Coins.
    • Each event runs for 48 hours and allows one entry per day.
    • Each event suggests using two different Factions in order to deal more damage.
  • Updated DPS tuning for DPS Light, Medium, Ranged, and Magic.
    • 4* and 5* abilities should more often deal a larger percentage of the total damage from the kit respectively.
    • Note: There are still outliers where this isn’t the case, however this is usually because it’s a very strong utility Ability or an AoE that’s meant to damage large groups of enemies.
  • Updated the difficulty of the game to coincide with new DPS tuning.
    • This shouldn’t affect the game prior to World 3. World 4, 5, and 6, should feel challenging yet with full squads of recommended Guildies, it’s completable.
  • Updated difficulty Slime Boss Raid Boss.
    • Deals slightly less damage.
  • Updated difficulty on Kraken Raid Boss.
    • Kraken now enrages if one of the Tentacles are alive for longer than 20 seconds.
    • Bubble Prisons now correctly spawn, pushback Guildies, and damage the imprisoned Guildie.
  • Updated difficulty on Skeleton King Raid Boss.
    • Reduced HP on Brutus and Rufus.
  • Updated difficulty on Zombie Experiment Raid Boss.
    • Reduced HP.
  • Updated difficulty on Ice Queen Raid Boss.
    • Reduced HP and Attack.
  • Updated difficulty on Lich King Raid Boss.
    • Reduced HP on Bosses and Summons.
  • Updated regular challenge tuning.


  • Fixed Summon AI to stay close to their Summoner and not wander off.

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