Patch Notes - Version 0.3.0 (0.3.00752)

We’ve got a new feature for you! Alliances have been opened and are ready for good, good pizzas to start playing around with them!


  • Added new Alliance Raid Map UI.
  • Added damage type tags to Guild Member abilities UI.


  • New Feature: Alliances
    • Players can now create and join Alliances with up to 30 total players.
    • Players now have access to an Alliance Store where they can spend new Alliance Currency for various items.
    • Players can now attempt to complete Alliance Raids:
      • Large maps with connected nodes that require multiple Alliance Members to cooperate to clear.
      • Raid Bosses with new attacks, huge HP pools that pose the newest, most challenging content in the game.
  • Updated Worm tunnel attack so it no longer “heat-seeks” across the map.


  • Fixed Coin Events to properly refresh attempts.
  • Fixed a bug in Item Shop generation not creating correct Items sometimes.
  • Added damage type tags to Guild Member abilities.
  • Fixed IAP bundle popup to not always show KingOfGames.

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