Patch Notes - Version 0.3.1 (0.3.00768)


  • Fixed Z-fighting in Alliance node map restriction icons.
  • Added a store banner for Alliance coin bundle.


  • Replaced the new user 7 day login bonus event with a new limited-time Guild Founder Challenge event with the opportunity to earn shards for TheRealBlackSwordsman. (Everyone will see this even if you aren’t a new user.)
  • Changed rewards for not completing an Alliance Raid to also include a partial refund of Raid Tokens so you can try again sooner.


  • Added User profile and Alliance profile UI popups (linked from various places).
  • Added an option to display how many Raid Tokens each member of an Alliance has contributed each week.
  • Fixed Alliance chat not connecting correctly when first joining a new Alliance.
  • Fixed tapping and dragging the Alliance raid map UI also moving the camera.
  • Fixed loot from Alliance Raids sometimes being distributed multiple times.
  • Fixed Guild Members being ‘consumed’ in Alliance Raids when entering a node and then not completing it (i.e. crashing / force quitting).
  • Fixed the weekly bundle not refreshing.
  • Fixed the Alliance coin bundle not showing up in store after you join an Alliance until you restart the game.

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