Patch Notes - Version 0.3.2 (0.3.00777)

Things to note: We did a performance pass on our art assets, although nothing changed artistically, you should expect a large (260MB) download update. We also changed our API on how alliance search works. Existing alliances wont show up in alliance search again until at least one member of that alliance logs in.


  • Changed healers to prioritize healing allies before summons
  • Fixed some characters AI (i.e. Uther) getting stuck on dungeon heal circles casting buffs continuously.
  • Alliance Raids duration updated to 48 hours instead of 24 hours
  • Alliance Raid combat timeout updated to 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes


  • Alliance officers can now attach notes to alliance raid nodes that everyone in their alliance can see
  • Changed alliance default search to show more full alliances near the top
  • Better handling of reconnecting to chat (fixes “mono-io” error)
  • New alliance members must now wait 24 hours after joining an alliance before they can contribute points or earn rewards in that alliance.
  • Added farm option to daily coin challenge + high score tracking
  • Added sort options to manage characters UI
  • Reduced download size by 25% and app size by 20%
  • Fixed some SFX still audible when game is muted
  • Fixed clone tower sometimes not ending combat when the last enemy to die is a summon
  • Fixed exploit in campaign UI that allowed skipping levels in hard mode
  • Fixed reward display amount in achievements UI sometimes displaying the wrong amount
  • Added purchase limit / expiration time display to store bundles
  • Fixed UI bug in Mysterion’s first weapon quest (and a few others) where an extra mystery squad UI element would appear when entering a room.
  • Fixed the three Clydes in the skeleton king raid to be immune to knockback, so they can’t be pushed into the shield area.

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