Patch Notes - Version 0.3.3 (0.3.00790)


  • Minor tweaks to ability stones icons


  • Increased amount of level 1 ability stones dropped from challenges
  • Reduced difficulty on Windsummer’s T10 weapon quest
  • Fixed MuscleWizard, Willow, and MoreProudJaina having uncompletable loyalty quests.
  • Changed DarkShadowKiller’s 2* ability: during the execution of the ability, DarkShadowKiller cannot take damage and will not generate any threat.
  • Changed Akatsuki’s 2* ability: during the execution of the ability Akatsuki cannot take any damage and will not generate any threat.
  • Changed Windsummer’s 4* ability to be able to be cast anytime, but increased cooldown slightly.
  • Changed PinkLady’s 5* ability to do damage and healing in an area around an enemy instead of around herself.
  • Fixed Staniscool’s leader ability to actually give invincibility at max level
  • Fixed DruidJenkin’s 5* ability at max level to apply heal zones to totems that spawn while the aura is active. (previously only worked if the totems existed when the aura started)
  • Fixed being able to cancel out of Toolshed’s leader ability prematurely without it doing any damage.
  • Increased the amount of energy given out during world 1 and world 2 first time rewards
  • Changed wording on stat displays to be more clear.


  • Added UI when pausing combat to inspect details on stats and buffs of allies and enemy units.
  • Added UI on post combat to review damage breakdown for player characters.
  • Fixed alliance coin store changing inventory every time you logged in (instead of every 8 hours).
  • Added the ability for alliance officers to cancel or force-end an alliance raid.
  • Alliance raid nodes will now switch to “in progress” if a user opens the squad prep UI, preparing to enter combat.
  • Fixed coin challenge / events recording most recent score instead of highest score.
  • Added option in settings menu to hide speech bubbles in combat
  • Added option in settings menu to hide “floating” cancel button when issuing orders in combat.
  • Changed when tapping the “leave alliance” button, always show “are you sure?” dialog
  • Fixed alliance search showing full alliances at the top of the list.
  • Fixed farm amount panel not appearing when farming challenge combats.
  • Fixed UI bug which can cause soft lock after opening and dismissing the monthly login rewards UI from the events panel.
  • Reduced size on combat complete network call to increase speed and reliability.
  • Removed badging in manage characters UI for characters you have enough shards for tier up, but you can’t afford the coin cost.

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