Patch Notes - Version 0.3.5 (0.3.00876)

Happy Halloween Raid Bossers!


  • Decorated the Tavern for Halloween.


  • Halloween Event!
    • Collect candies for a limited time to spend in the Candy Shop.
    • Complete limited time achievements to get more candies.
    • Send candies to your Alliance mates every day.
  • Updates to Store content and pricing:
    • The regular Store now offers a wider selection of Crafting Mats and Gear.
    • Prices and quantities for all items have been adjusted.
  • Adjusted how many Crafting Mats it takes to craft Gear.
  • Increased the amount of Crafting Mats that drop in the Campaign.
    • Note! Class Items (red) have not been modified at this point. We realize it’s frustrating that these continue to be excluded from economy updates, but we have a much larger plan to solve the issue.
  • Updates to Alliance Raids:
    • Changed scoring for Boss nodes. Total possible stars is now capped per placement based on total damage dealt after the node is completed.
      • 1st - 10 stars
      • 2nd - 9 stars
      • 3rd - 8 stars
      • 4-10 - 7 stars
      • 11-20 - 6 stars
      • 21-30 - 5 stars
    • Changed optional nodes to ADD difficulty modifiers to the final boss instead of removing them. You now get additional rewards for clearing the Alliance Raid per optional node cleared.
    • Added combat timers to all Alliance Raid nodes to help alleviate the problem with people encountering errors when taking too long to complete combats.
    • Rebalanced Alliance Raid rewards so lower placements aren’t such a gap from higher placements.
    • Rebalanced Alliance Raid rewards with more Gear drops.
    • Removed Class Items (red) from the Alliance Store in preparation for their rework.
  • Fixed shield abilities not working correctly in Healer Challenges.
  • Reduced damage on Toolshed’s Leader Ability at Level 6.
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Coin Challenge and the Faction Coin Event Mimics would not grow their stats past a certain level. (This caused cases where players could complete the events and get stuck.)


  • Increased performance in combat. 3-5 FPS boost in coin challenge
  • Fixed problem with audio volumes getting reset when switching audio devices
  • Fix chat system notification to display when an alliance mate ranks up to 6* not 5*


  • Changed feats UI to be more clear on displaying rewards
  • Changed equipment crafting UI to increase size of craft items
  • Updated alliance raid rewards to correctly show amount ranges
  • Moved Alliance Raid node comment icons to the right side to keep from covering node requirements
  • Fixed bug with being able to bypass character restrictions in combat by deselecting locked characters
  • Fixed bug with character shards in feats UI rewards displaying incorrect amount sometimes

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