Patch Notes - Version 0.3.6 (0.3.00937)


  • Minor adjustments to FoxieMoxie777’s character model
  • Minor adjustments to DarkShadowKiller1337’s character model
  • Minor adjustments to Bigb0n3d’s character model
  • Removed halloween decorations from home screen


  • New Megaphone Store!
    • This feature now lives under the old Recruit Shop button.
    • Players may purchase single pull Megaphones for 3000 Gems.
    • Players may purchase 10 Megaphones for 27000 Gems.
    • Added a Free Megaphone pull that refreshes every 24 hours.
    • Updated Tutorial to grant random Megaphone pulls rather than Recruit Shop (old) choices.
    • Updated Main Quest to grant 2* and 3* GarbageDeeps at specific milestones.
  • Recruit Shop (Old)
    • This now lives in the Item Store as a tab.
    • Recruit selection now rotates on a weekly basis.
    • Players may purchase shards for the selected characters once per day.
    • Free shards have been removed in favor of the free shards from the new Megaphone Store.
  • Gem Economy updates:
    • Added free Gems to most Main Quest rewards.
    • Lowered Daily Dungeon Gem payouts.
    • Lowered Daily Achievement Gem payouts.
  • XP Economy updates:
    • Increased XP earned from most Campaign floors.
    • Decreased XP earned from most Clone Tower floors.


  • Fixed game freezing in daily dungeon occasionally when clearing the first room
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the subsequent combat after completing the alliance raid Furnace Mech boss would start with player character taking lots of damage for no reason.
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally characters would “die” on the home screen after completing the alliance raid Furnace Mech boss.
  • Fixed FoxieMoxie and Druid Jenkins AI occasionally getting stuck on heal pads in dungeons
  • Fixed sandworm boss being able to bypass screen wide erage damage in some parts of the arena
  • Fixed sandworm boss getting stuck underground occasionally in some cases
  • Fixed bug in not deleting old cached assets that caused the install size to get bigger than expected


  • Minor adjustments to tutorial text
  • Fixed expedition UI sometimes displaying locked slots incorrectly as “shard slots” instead of “loot slots”

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