Patch Notes - Version: 0.3.7 (0.3.00982)


  • Decorated home screen for winter holidays
  • Added skins for all characters!


  • Skins Feature has been added!
    • Unlock Rare Skins by completing all Loyalty Quests for a Guild Member.
    • Purchase Uncommon Skins with a new currency.
    • Purchase Epic Skins from the Store.
    • Added Skin Currency to Daily Achievement rewards.
    • Replaced Monthly Login reward Training XP with Skin Currency.
  • Winter Festival 2020 has begun!
    • Log in each day for fun rewards, including Skin Currency.
    • Collect Festival Spirit from Daily and One-Time Achievements.
    • Contribute Festival Spirit to the Gift Tree in exchange for Festival Coins.
      • The Gift Tree is a special World Event.
      • All player contributions add together to level up the Tree.
      • Upon completion of various milestones, rewards will be granted to all players!
    • Exchange Festival Coins in the special Event Store.
  • Updated Megaphone cost and shard output (costs 1500 gems instead of 3000, grants half as many shards).
  • Updated Store Bundles with more Crafting Mats.
  • Increased Cardmaster Ultra Pack to grant 106 shards instead of 100 (enough for a 4* upgrade).
  • Replaced second tier Campaign Star rewards with Megaphones.


  • Fixed regression with alliance gift store banner hiding after you purchased it.
  • Added claim all button for mail

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