Patch Notes - Version 0.3.8 (0.3.01198)

New Guild Member - MemeMaster


  • Removed Winter Festival decorations from the Guild Hall.


  • New Guild Member!
    • MemeMaster has been added to the game.
    • Added a combat event to earn a temporary event currency and MemeMaster shards.
    • Added an event store to spend event currency for various rewards.
  • Added Target Dummy Practice event.
  • Added more dialogue quips for Guild Members.
  • Updated Skin Currency bundles (increased to 4000, 12750, and 46500).
  • Fixed a text bug claiming Megaphones dropped the old amounts.


  • Improved accuracy of update download progress.
  • Minor performance improvements in Coin Challenge battle.


  • Added ability to preview unowned Guild Members in the Guild Management screen.
  • Added Claim All button for achievements.
  • Updated credits screen.
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Excited about these changes. Especially for the practice dummies as I was really hoping to be able to test out different comps.

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