Patch Notes - Version 0.3.9 (0.3.01420)


  • Updated MemeMaster character
  • Updated SailorGoon character
  • Updated MuscleWizard character
  • Updated Roe3 character
  • Updated Mysterion character
  • Updated KingOfGames character


  • Added our first ever 2x Drop Event!
  • World 7 is here!
    • Added World 7: The Volcanic Core (12 Dungeons, 2 Raid Bosses)
    • Twelve new enemies and two new Raid Bosses have entered the fray.
    • Player Level (and max Guildie Level) has been increased to Level 80.
    • New World Star rewards have been added.
    • Daily Dungeon will now sometimes be populated with World 7 enemies.
    • Added two Store Bundles themed towards crafting Tier 10 and 11 Gear for use in World 7.
  • Added World 5 (Hard).
  • Class crafting mats have been reworked!
    • A new gear slot has been added called the Accessory Slot.
    • There are three Accessories (belts, necklaces, rings) divided amongst the Guildies.
    • Each Accessory grants a portion of the Class Special Stat that used to be reserved for the Legs gear piece.
      • The Legs gear piece Class Special Stat has been lowered, so in total the stats will remain the same as before, now factoring in the new Accessory slot.
      • Note: This stat breakdown is not ideal and we plan on introducing a brand new stat to the game at some point and moving the Class Special Stats entirely back to the Legs gear piece.
    • Class crafting mats have been removed from all previous Gear recipes.
    • Class crafting mats will only be required to improve Accessories.
    • Gear progression is now limited to needing all five slots at the same tier before being allowed to move to the next one.
    • Added more slots for Class crafting mats to the Alliance Shop.
    • Class crafting mats drop rates have been increased in the Alliance Raid.
  • Renamed Megaphones to Recruit Scrolls.
  • Added a special MemeMaster Recruit Scroll that drops his shards at a higher rate.
  • Added Role-specific Recruit Scrolls to the Recruit Shop (cost 1750 gems, limited to 3 purchases per month).
  • Fixed the Alliance Raid map description claiming the optional Dungeon Nodes removed Final Boss special effects.


  • Fixed exploits with being able to login with the same account on multiple devices
  • Fixed problems with alliance raid nodes getting stuck in bad states
  • Fixed bug with Worm Queen boss getting stuck underground
  • Fixed bug with T5 ranged challenge where characters sometimes take damage even when out of range
  • Fixed display bug when pulling duplicate characters in a 10x gacha pull


  • Redo ability stone icons
  • Redo various currency icons
  • Redo home screen UI
  • Redo character class icons
  • Redo megaphone icons
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