Patch Notes - Version 0.4.0 (0.4.01581)


  • Updated world 1 dungeon environment
  • Updated guild hall environment
  • Updated Treasure Chest / Mimic monster
  • Updated character model TheRealBackSwordsman
  • Updated character model ZappyMcZapZap
  • Updated character model Lily
  • Updated character model Bigb0n3d


  • Added new “Red Item Challenge” rotating events with 6 new mini raids!

  • Added overflow-shard shop where you can exchange extra shards from your 6* characters for other goodies.

  • Characters

    • MemeMaster:
      • Sunday Service now lasts 15s.
      • Sunday Service Level 6 also gives Cast Speed and Global Cooldown reduction.
      • God’s Plan Level 6 Invulnerability increased to 10s.
      • Blessings on Blessings now grants +20% Heal Power.
      • MemeMaster should no longer get stuck in ability restrooms
    • Toolshed:
      • Reduced duration of Level 6 Ley Lines to 20 seconds (From 24)
    • NippleMan:
      • Reduced duration of Bleed on Axe throw to 6 seconds (From 8)
  • Dungeons/Raids

    • Changed Team comp on Red Dragon Weapon Quest 3 (Kraken)
    • T4 Light DPS Challenge now has more space between red zone attacks
    • World 7 Dungeons no longer require specific gear levels
    • Challenges have lowered roster requirement to enter at lower tiers
    • 2 - 2 has some slimes and cactus enemies removed
    • Fixed names of abilities and enemies in world 7
    • Reduced stats of Demon Warden (world 7 boss 1) by 10%
    • Cactus enemies give Attack up buff to player in T5 Light DPS challenge
    • Reduced stats on enemies in dungeon 1-8, 1-9, 1-10


  • Fixed Alliance leaders not being able to be demoted.
  • Fixed alliance raid gear drops not awarding correct gear all the time
  • Fixed alliance raid only enforcing restrictions on leader slot
  • Added cap to number of VFX displayed during large fights for performance
  • Fixed bugs with energy and other game timers if system clock was set incorrectly


  • Added power rating displays to characters to help quantify how strong they are compared to other characters.
  • Reskinned tutorial UI
  • Updated logo
  • Updated user portraits

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