Patch Notes - Version 0.4.1 (0.4.01703)


  • Updated World 2 Dungeon environment
  • Updated gacha (recruit) moment
  • Updated character model DruidJenkins
  • Updated character model GarbageDeeps
  • Updated character model Uther
  • Updated character model Staniscool
  • Updated character model Toolshed
  • Updated character model LoneWolf2112
  • Updated character model Gedran


  • Daily Dungeon 2.0 is here!
    • A new daily buff has been added that persists each run.
    • A new buff selection mechanic has been added.
      • As you defeat bosses in Daily Dungeon, you get to select 1 of 3 buffs to apply for the rest of the run. These stack as you progress.
    • A skip ahead feature has been added.
      • If you defeat a boss before the timer ends (this appears only during boss fights), then you’re given the option to skip 9 floors ahead.
    • Environments now load in sections to prevent unpolished seams.
  • Added two new combat stats: Debuff Accuracy and Debuff Resist.
  • Updated Hard Mode Dungeons to use 2 Squads of 3 Guild Members.
  • First Time User Experience updates:
    • Added looping videos to teachable moments in Combat tutorial chats.
    • Removed various tutorial chats to speed up FTUE.
    • Consolidated Tank and Healer recruit moment to one pull.
    • Added Combat Tips to Combat tutorials.
    • Removed Dungeon 1-3 and 1-4 from Campaign to speed up tutorial and get to Orc Boss faster.
  • Reduced number of Guildies required for Red Item Clashes by 1 (Tier 1).
  • Reduced number of NPC allies in Red Item clashes by 1 (Tier 1).
  • Reduced Tier of NPC Guildies in Red Item Clashes by 1 (Tier 3).


  • Added more tutorial scripting to pre-orc boss fights


  • Added videos to tutorial chats to explain how to play the game

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