Patch Notes - Version 0.4.3 (0.4.01776)


  • Added new emote animations for all Guildies.
  • Updated character model for FoxieMoxie777.
  • Updated character model for SpicyMeatball.
  • Updated animations for Machinist class (GarbageDeeps / LonginousLongname).
  • Added premium skin for QueenOfDiamonds.
  • Updated Mine (World 3) dungeon environment.
  • Minor polish to Gacha (recruit) moment.
  • New Store Bundle art for various bundles.


  • Added our first Epic Guildie Event!
    • Added the new Epic Guildie, QueenOfDiamonds.
    • Added battle event that players can complete and farm to gain Epic Tokens.
    • Epic Tokens are used in the Recruit menu to purchase QueenOfDiamonds scrolls.
    • Note: Epic Guildies are not available in Recruit Scrolls and may not be slotted in Expeditions.
  • Combat Tuning
    • SpicyMeatball’s Big Hit ATK power greatly increased.
    • SpicyMeatball’s Scan Weakness ATK power greatly increased.
    • Kirito1998’s True Cut ATK power greatly increased.
    • Kirito1998’s Thousand Cuts ATK power increased.
    • Mysterion’s Self Heal Changed to Chi Focus, now also awards Shield Points to squadmates.
    • Staniscool’s Protection Aura has HP Up replaced with Damage reduction.
    • FoxieMoxie777’s Heal Bomb now applies Debuff Shield for 5s.
    • Xer0’s Rain of Swords Bleeds now last 3s (down from 18s).
    • Xer0’s Rain of Swords base damage reduced to 130% (down from 200%).
    • Xer0’s Blade Shower Bleed now lasts 3s (down from 18s).
  • Daily Dungeon
    • Skip Ahead requirement changed to 45s (Down from 60).
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Support Gear (Legs T10-13) giving incorrect stat bonus.


  • Fixed all Leader Abilities to now correctly respect activation range
  • Improved Evil Clone Tower combat AI
  • Added a new “Resurrecting” animation lock state to combat AI, so characters will not immediately act after being resurrected for 1.6s (sorry, no iframes!).
  • Fixed graphical bug with Akatsuki’s vanish ability not always applying correctly
  • Minor improvements to world 1 tutorial


  • Added new 30-day Gem Bundle in-app purchase.
  • New Character Bundle: Mysterion & StanIsCool - 50 Shards each, XP, Coins
  • New Character Bundle: FoxieMoxie & SpicyMeatball - 50 Shards each, XP, Coins
  • New Premium Skin Bundle: Queen of Diamonds
  • New World Tier Gear Bundles (crafting mats needed for gear)
    • Tier 4 Bundle
    • Tier 5 Bundle
    • Tier 6 Bundle
    • Tier 9 Bundle
    • Tier 10 Bundle
  • New Guaranteed Gear Bundles (limit 1, grants 1 full gear piece to random available Guildie, *can desynth, be careful)
    • Tier 7
    • Tier 8
    • Tier 9
    • Tier 10
    • Tier 11
    • Tier 12


  • Updated Need or Greed moment to look more polished.

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