Patch Notes - Version 0.4.5 (0.4.02750)


  • Finished upgrading all existing character models!
    • Updated Guest
    • Updated Tsubasa
    • Updated PinkLady
    • Updated Windsummers
    • Updated Xer0
    • Updated sterling_steel
    • Updated Kirito1998
    • Updated Alexa
    • Updated DarkShadow1337
    • Updated Akatsuki
  • Updated Water Serpent raid environment and FX
  • Updated world 5 dungeon environment
  • Updated world 7 dungeon environment (now with more room variety!)
  • Updated icons for various early game crafting mats


  • Main Quest has been given a facelift.
    • The UI/UX has had a major update.
    • The Main Quest now follows the Normal Campaign and is broken down into Chapters.
    • Players can only continue in the Main Quest when they’ve completed the previous chapter (can no longer view future Main Quest unlocks). Note: Future objectives are still tracked and will be immediately claimable when the chapter becomes available.
    • Main Quest objectives within the chapter can be completed and claimed in any order.
    • Each Raid Boss defeated grants a Basic Recruit Scroll (new scroll that can be claimed in the store, same drop rates as the Free scroll).
  • Updated GarbageDeeps unlock path.
    • Removed GarbageDeeps from all Recruit Scrolls and Shard Shops.
    • Added GarbageDeeps Recruit Scroll and currency.
      • Currency is earned through Main Quest through defeating Furnace Mech.
      • Each Normal Campaign Raid Boss defeated after that point grants Garbage Deeps shards through the Main Quest. (Up to a 6* GarbageDeeps upon defeating the final Raid Boss in World 10.)
  • Added more tutorials
    • Moved some existing tutorial popups to be context sensitive. Older accounts may see a few repeats of old tutorials when opening the manage characters panel or the weapon quest panel.
  • Daily Dungeon
    • Lowered Mini-Boss Damage slightly
    • Increased Mini-Boss Health
  • Expeditions
    • By popular demand, lowered time from 12h to 11h30m
  • Store
    • PVP Arena Fashion Pack. Get a discount on a bundle of 5 skins for some of our most popular PVP guildies
    • New 3* Character Unlocks for Gems. Each week a rotating set of guildies will be available in the store to purchase at a 3 Star unlock level (46 shards). These are meant to help those that have been unlucky with their Scrolls or just want to unlock a specific guildie
    • Players will now receive a warning when attempting to purchase a Tier specific Gear piece with no eligible guildies, the gear will be desynthed in this case
    • Fixed some text bugs with store descriptions
  • Added new Story chats that appear after defeating Raid Bosses (only through Titan Golem…so far).


  • Fixed bug that allowed people to duplicate characters in PVP combat
  • Add system to kick inactive alliance leaders after 30 days
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Daily Dungeon rewards weren’t displaying properly.
  • Changed logic of when you could collect main quest feats. Instead of forcing you to complete them in order, they are now divided into chapters, grouped by main quest boss. You must complete all feats in a chapter before you can access the next chapter’s feats.
  • Fixed a bug where going in and out of combat from the manage character UI could cause graphical errors on return.
  • Fixed a bug that was awarding PVP daily rewards to new accounts that hadn’t played PVP before.
  • Reduced memory (RAM) usage during combat


  • Added fancy account level up animatic moment
  • Added fancy boss defeated animatic moment
  • Reskin main quest feats UI

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