Patch Notes - Version 1.0.1 (1.0.03200)


  • Tavern Book:
    • Character info
    • Bestiary
    • Pet Quests
    • View previous tutorial / story chats
    • MOAR Achievements
  • New Alliance Raid: Doom Spiral
    • Three difficulties: Easy/Medium/Hard. (Extreme coming at a future date)
    • Earn up to gear XIV loot!
  • Guild Hall Cosmetic Options
    • Unlockable pets to display in your guild hall
    • Choose which characters you want to see hanging out
  • Chat filters:
    • Configure what system messages to display
    • Hide other users in chat by adding them to your block list.
  • Titles
    • Earn title banners to show off to other users in chat and leaderboards
  • Achievement in-game Toasts
    • UI overlay to notify you in-game when you make progress on achievements


  • Art pass for Water Kraken boss environment
  • Art pass for Water Kraken boss monster
  • Art pass for Sandsludge boss environment
  • Added batch sell feature in Powerstones inventory

Balance/Tuning changes

  • Alliance Raid: Delve Deep
    • Reduced alliance coin earned in Delve Deep Raid
    • Adjusted difficulty scaling on Normal, Hard and Extreme
  • Clint_The_Man
    • Sheriff’s Deputy
      • Increased Duration from 60s to 120s
      • Increased Crit Damage Buff from +10% to +20%
    • Shoot, Don’t Talk
      • Increased Duration from 30s to 60s
    • Dyin Ain’t a Livin
      • Increased Duration from 30s to 60s

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed new chat messages showing up in wrong tab while chat window was open
  • Fixed bug where PVP matches could result in a user having a PVP defense team of no characters. (If you fight this type of comp, you now auto-win instead of draw)
  • Fixed expeditions not remembering what characters you had slotted if you quit the app without starting expeditions.
  • Fixed UI graphical bug if you navigate from character manage to campaign and then buy energy
  • Fixed UI bug of Daily Dungeon leaderboard displaying squads with the leader on the right instead of the left.
  • Fixed graphical bug with Clint_The_Man’s deputize ability
  • Replaced 2nd StanisCool with TheRealBlackSwordsman
  • Added fear immunities to a variety of enemies
  • Fixed text on MistaDarcy’s Ice Blast
  • Fixed titles of Mysterion’s Loyalty Quests
  • Updated names of some world 7 enemies

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