Release Preview: December 2021

Hey Pizzas,

We’ve just started on our December release and wanted to give you all a preview of what’s to come. Now that we’ve checked the worldwide launch on iOS off the list, we’ve got another major box we’d like to check with this release: updating Alliances. Note: As things in game development are usually in flux, please keep in mind that some of these things may change during the course of the release.

This release is targeted for a launch in the 2nd or 3rd week of December. Here is what we’re hard at work on:

  • New Alliance Features!
    • Alliance Leveling System + XP
    • Alliance Hall
      • Alliance Statues
  • House Magicae & House Physicus Campaigns: Worlds 4 + 5 (Tier 3 Powerstones)
  • Winter Holiday 2021 Event
    • Holiday Skins
    • Holiday Profile Portraits and Titles
  • Bug Fixes, Tuning and Quality of Life Improvements
    • Adjusting Arena Seasons rewards

We’ll also have some of the team working ahead on World 9 and our next character release.

As always, thanks for playing Raid Boss! If you haven’t already please join our Discord community: