Release Preview: January 2021

(Thanks to PizzaJohn for this write up)!

Hey Pizzas,

Here at Pizza Club Games we are looking forward to the holidays but don’t think we’ve forgotten about all of you! There is lots to look forward to in the new year including another update to Raid Boss. We’ve heard your pleas for improvements to the Powerstone system and hope to deliver on that and more. Note: As things in game development are usually in flux, please keep in mind that some of these things may change during the course of the release.

This release is targeted for a launch in mid January. Here is what we’re hard at work on:

  • New Epic Character
    • New Epic Character Campaign
  • Powerstone QoL changes
    • UI/UX improvements to make it easier to manage your powerstones.
  • Battle Pass
    • Earn additional rewards as you play the game!
  • Taller Clone Tower
    • More difficult floors beyond 100.
  • Alliance Raid Farming

We’ll also have some of the team working ahead on World 9 and yet another character.

As always, thanks for playing Raid Boss! If you haven’t already please join our Discord community: