Release Preview: November 2021

Hey Pizzas,

We’ve just started our latest release and wanted to share what’s coming in November. The biggest announcement is that this release should mark us being available worldwide on iOS devices. Note: As things in game development are usually in flux, please keep in mind that some of these things may change during the course of the release.

With the upcoming worldwide launch we may need an extra week or two for submission and approvals but we are targeting a launch in the 2nd or 3rd week of November. Here is what we’re hard at work on:

  • Worldwide Launch on iOS
    • Tell your friends and family that have been waiting to play on their iPhones and iPads!
  • Worldwide Launch Event
    • Celebrating WW launch on iOS with some exclusive profile portraits and titles to earn through the Event!
  • New Epic Character!
    • New Epic Character Campaign
  • Bug Fixes, Tuning and Quality of Life Improvements

We’ll also have some of the team working ahead on a major feature update coming in December. We’ll be looking to close the year out strong after this release!

As always, thanks for playing Raid Boss! If you haven’t already please join our Discord community:


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