Release Preview: October 2021

Hey Pizzas,

We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear that you want to hear about upcoming changes before we release! As part of our efforts to improve communication and transparency for what we’re working on, we’re going to start posting an update with our plans when we start each release. Note: As things in game development are usually in flux, please keep in mind that some of these things may change during the course of the release.

We’re in week 2 of development on our next update (Release 31 targeting week of 10/18-10/22). Here are some of the high level beats of what we are working on:

  • World 8 Release
    • Explore a full new world of content for our late game players including 2 new Raid Bosses!
  • Adding Arena Seasonal Rewards/Leaderboards
    • An entirely new Arena Leaderboard with additional rewards!
  • Halloween Event (10/19-11/2)
    • We’ve got some cool Halloween themed content coming including exclusive Guildie skins, Profile Portraits and Titles!
  • World 8 Event (11/2-11/9)
    • Celebrate the launch of World 8 and earn some all new Gear Tokens for upgrading your guildies!
  • Easier Gear Upgrades with Gear Tokens!
    • Want to power level your Guildies gear? Get some Gear Tokens through Events or the Store to quickly upgrade your gear.
  • Updated Store
    • We’re updating the Store to group items together and make it easier for players to find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Boss Fight and Environment Art Updates
    • All new World 8 environments
    • Updated Worm Queen Boss
    • Updated Clone Tower environment
  • iOS Limited Release
    • Our game will be available on iOS for the first time! Initially we will keep the launch limited to a few countries for technical checks but will soon be available worldwide.
  • Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

As always, thanks for playing Raid Boss! If you haven’t already please join our Discord community: