Road Ahead - March 2022

Hey Pizzas,

Sorry it’s been awhile since we put one of these out, this is our first Road Ahead of 2022. We’ve already rolled a ton of features out in 2022 but we have a lot more on the way. Read ahead and also check out our recent “Ask A Pizza” blog post for more insights from the Raid Boss team!

Take a look at some of the major beats on the upcoming roadmap and some of the planned Events heading your way soon!

Note: some of the items discussed here are based off the planned roadmap but dates and features may be adjusted or delayed once active development begins.

Guildies Incoming!

We’ve been pushing hard to make sure we can hit a new guildie with every major release, and that includes another Epic guildie within the next couple months. We’ve dropped SweetBardOMine last patch and Momo200 debuts shortly with Battle Pass Season Three. We’re very excited about this year’s guildie list!

Raid Boss 2 Year Anniversary (4/2/2022)

April is a special month for us as it marks the 2 year anniversary of Raid Boss first releasing to players in Early Access (Worldwide launch on both platforms was just this past November). We got a lot done in 2021 and we’re excited for what we can accomplish in 2022 as well. We’ll be doing some Events and giveaways in April to celebrate!

Player Choice In April!

As a thank you to all you wonderful people, we are going to be doing a series of Community voted Events and Rewards beginning in April. If you haven’t yet, be sure to fill out the March 2022 Player Survey to help shape these upcoming events and rewards!

New Alliance Raids

These will be a new smaller format, and should shake up how your alliance coordinates. One of the design goals is to make something that smaller population Alliances also have a chance to defeat!

Powerstones Tier 4

The next tier level for Powerstones will be coming in the next few months as well. We’re keeping an eye on feedback and usage since the Powerstones Quality of Life update a couple releases ago while we prepare this next tier.

Featured Guildie Events

Similar to our existing KingOfGames and MemeMaster Event, we’ll be introducing some new guildie specific Events (starting with Roe3 in April). These new Events will feature some brand new gameplay including new Event specific twists or mechanics. Earn shards for the featured guildies and unlock their profile icon along the way!

Training XP Challenge/Event

One of the biggest progression issues we’re focused on improving next is the high cost of training guildies in the later levels. The amount of training XP earned in the Clone Tower isn’t enough and we want to create a new type of repeating Event or Challenge that will allow players to earn more Training XP without having to manually grind a bunch of Raid Boss fights.

New Leaderboard Based Events

We’re introducing a new Event type soon which gives prizes based off performance on the Event leaderboard. The first one will be next week for Alliance Raid Coins earned!

Upcoming Event Roadmap

See the bottom of our most recent “Ask A Pizza” blog post, for more details.

Community Corner

We’re forever grateful for all the player contributions in our Discord and the Forums. We appreciate everybody’s feedback and suggestions as well as pre-release bug testing and reporting.

We’ll continue to add the top reported and voted features/bugs into our backlog to make Raid Boss the best possible game!

Thanks on behalf of the entire team and thanks for playing Raid Boss!