Strategies for Beginners

Hello! Pentheon from the alliance Blacklist here. Thought I should try to get a new forum spot rolling to give any advice for new players and strategies that worked for us who of us who are at the max LVL currently!

If you have a request for any info or guides of some sort ask here! The members of Blacklist will be working on some guides to help any new players!


Basics of the game,

You control a guild of characters That you can level up. Loot craft and equip gear, And tier them up to get new skills and stat boosts, I won’t go into too much direct detail of the basics of gameplay since that’s what a tutorials for but if you need some clarity on anything feel free to ask!

As for the game. One good thing to remember is red zones are enemy attack zones. Those red zone attacks are usually pretty strong it’s best to just avoid them entirely. And keep in mind that once the zone disappears it just means they finished charging up the cast for it. The animation and attack follow up so don’t move back into those spots right away.

As for your guild there are currently 37 characters to unlock! You get 1 free megaphone recruit daily, there is also a tab in the shop to buy shards for upgrading characters Buying the shards in the shop will not unlock that character but you get to keep the shards for upgrades when you do unlock the character.

You can use up to 5 members in a squad, and boss fights usually require multiple squads. The most you will need for the final boss fight is 20 guild members,
That means you can choose to focus just on 20 members you like. Leveling and gearing only them and moving on until you reach the endgame then catching everyone up, or working on your guild as a whole catching up new recruits as you gain them so everyone stays equal either way works and there a benefits to both.

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