Stuck On Loading Assets screen

When trying to play this morning, the loading bar never moved while “Loading Assets” and then I received an error stating “Could not retrieve game version info. Please check connection and reload the game”

I know my network is fine, I tried both on and off WiFi. I also restarted my phone.

Same problem and I live in New Zealand

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I cant play…this game

have the same porblem with splash srceen tryed to reinstall the game and that did not work.

Same here, game worked 7 hours ago but when I got up this morning stuck on loading assets

Same here. I just installed the game (early acces) and it just wont load

Hey guys, sorry about that! We had an unexpected server outage overnight and all our engineers were asleep! The game should be back up now! (as of 7/19 7:40 am PST)

Works now. Thank you

How dare you let your engineers sleep!!! You should know better!!! :smirk: lol Thank you for responding and getting things back up and running. I work in IT so I know the feeling :wink:

Well my joy was unexpected interrupted… same issues as before. Are they sleeping again? :wink:

Hey Dreddnoct, we had a false positive on the first fix but then found the underlying issue. Things should have gotten back to normal around 10:03am Pacific / 5:03pm GMT. Let us know if you’re still having problems connecting. Thanks!