Tierlist for 0.1.4

At the beginning of the game, all the characters are two stars, they have only 2 abilities, this tier list was created from this information.

Healer: At the beginning of the game the most important thing for dungeons is that your healer has two healing skills, it makes his life a lot easier. Tsubasa’s ultimate can be very useful to pass some 3 * dungeons.

DPS: The RangedDPS DPS is much higher at the beginning of the game, and they are cooler too lol, it is important to start and maintain GarbageDeeps because we will get many Shards from quests.

Investing in MoreProudJaina helps with crowd control against large groups of mobs in many dungeons.

Alexa is also strong for this crowd control but the damage is much lower.

Melee DPS doesn’t help much in dungeons initially, the damage and sustain are a little low unless you release the ultimate for them, it is hardly worth it. MuscleWizard’s Ultimate is far above the curve, but its sustain and damage are very bad (disregarding Ultimate, of course).

Tank: Specifically for new players in dungeons (not raids). TheRealBlackSwords is perfect, it takes a lot of damage, hits hard, and heals a lot.


Nice post! A lot of players have asked for this! Thanks!

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