Wrong event currency for store purchase?


Current “Do all the things event” rewards the 2021 Launch Festival Spirit tokens, but in the store the items are purchased using the previous event tokens called 2021 Launch Festival Coin tokens.

Not sure if this is intentional or not, but thought i’d ask.

Thank you

Thanks for mentioning here. We have a fix that we hope to deploy on Tuesday 10/5. We’ll also send out an in game mail with some compensation for the error. Thanks for letting us know here as well. It was also reported on our Discord which is the fastest way to alert us to any issues. Thanks for playing Raid Boss!

This should be fixed as of yesterday, if you’re not seeing the new store tab that lets you convert Festival Spirit into Festival Coins just force close the game and relaunch and you should pick up the data update. We have also sent an in game mail out with some compensation gifts for the delay. Thanks again for reporting this and for playing Raid Boss!