Guide - Weapon Quests

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Guide - Weapon Quests

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Welcome back!!!

In order to separate different parts of the game into bite-size guides, and so the main guides don’t get too clogged up with information that players may or may not care to see… I have moved the links to each of the Weapon Quest write-ups to this top level guide.

The game will tell you exactly what characters you get to use, and will build out the squads for you. Your guild member that you are doing the quest for will maintain its current level (i.ed. 20), but all of the pre-selected guild members will be at level 10 for a Tier II quest. This means that you can purposefully boost hero level, gear tier, hero star level, or skill levels to make them easier.

The overall strategy for each Weapon Quest depends on the pre-selected team for each guild member doing the quest. The general strategy is slightly different than a normal dungeon though… try for 3 stars but if someone dies and you still finish it… you are fine… on one condition – the hero you are doing the quest for must survive. In other words, if you are doing a weapon quest for Lonewolf and everyone except for Lonewolf dies but you still finish it, then congrats you are done!

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